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Who is SA Suppliers Hub? 

SA Suppliers Hub is an extensive directory where you can find all types of Suppliers and Products in South Africa

What type of Suppliers can be listed on SA Suppliers Hub?

Any type of Suppliers can be listed on condition that all adverts has to comply with the  Advertising Regulatory Board’s and has to comply with the Code of Advertising Practice in South Africa. https://arb.org.za/

What type of packages does SA Suppliers Hub have available?

Please click on our https://www.sashub.co.za/join to view all the  packages available.

What is the cost involved?

Please see subscription fees on our page https://www.sashub.co.za/join

What type of benefits does a Supplier have when subscribing with SA Suppliers Hub?

  1. Generate more leads for your Business/Products;
  2. Grow your Business;
  3. Increased Brand Awareness;
  4. Promoting your products and services: 
  5. Cost Effective;

When subscribing to SA Suppliers Hub, when will the Supplier be live?

Within 2 (two) days after all relevant documentation is received, as indicated on the Subscription Form. This form will be emailed to you on receipt of your request.